12-year-old Indian-American boy swept to the sea in California, father & friends hopeful

Tiye Bracy-

United States Coast Guard made the decision to suspend the search for an Indian-American boy on Tuesday, Jan 19, after a 24-hour long search, however, family and friends are hopeful.

Arunay Pruthi, a 12-year-old got washed away at the Cowell Ranch State Beach in Half Moon Bay in California on Monday, Jan. 18 afternoon.

The family was enjoying the Martin Luther King’s holiday on Monday and were seated close to the beach when the larger rogue wave washed to the shore Pruthi, his father, and his younger 8-year-old brother.

Luckily the father and the younger sibling survived but unfortunately, Pruthi got swept away into the water.

Several coast guard rescue crews worked all night in search to find Pruthi using both helicopters and boats, and on Tuesday as well. Northern California has been facing high winds since Monday, and so the wave was as high as 15 feet.

“A lot of resources to search for this young man and at this point in time without further sign based on the current weather and wave conditions it’s a little unknown where he might have gone..,”  Rosemerry Blankswade, Public Information Officer of San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office told indica News.

“Well into darkness with thermal imaging, we had a plane up there, we had a drone, we had two helicopters all searching with thermal imaging through the night…,” Blankswade said.

“At this stage, we don’t have anything else to lead us to a little more confirmation where he might be or where to search.” Blankswade said,  “Based on how long he has been in the water it’s going to be a recovery effort…”

 Unfortunately, Pruthi had not been located, yet, however, a friend of Pruthi told indica News, “It’s only been 24 hours, we are still hopeful.” Pruthi is a 7th-grade student at BASIS Fremont Internationals.

The father told Fox2 ktvu….. “All of us managed to get back but he just drifted away.”

Officer Blankswade told indica News, “Our heart definitely goes out to his family and we will continue to work with them and do everything we can.”