150 Indians deported from US for flouting visa norms


Around 150 Indians deported from the US for allegedly flouting visa norms, landed in Delhi airport on Wednesday morning. The special aircraft carrying the Indians, many from Punjab, landed at Terminal 3 in the morning. The aircraft came via Bangladesh.

The Indians were deported for allegedly flouting visa norms or for illegally entering the US.

The deportation comes after over 300 Indians were deported from Mexico on October 18 for trying to enter the US illegally.

The deportation of the 311 Indians, including one woman, was the first case of flying back such a huge number of illegal migrants from Mexico.

According to data, over 7,000 Indians are facing deportation proceedings in courts in the US.

As many as 9,000 Indians and other South Asians tried to enter the US last year via the US-Mexico border, seeking asylum.

According to a North American Punjabi Association report of last November, 2,400 Indians were languishing in US jails for illegally crossing the border