Aiding the cause of a healthy lifestyle

The South Asian Heart Center, backed by volunteers, leaders, donors – and scientific evidence – raises $348,000 for its work Ritu Jha Meghali Singhal was 12 when her father underwent an open-heart surgery. But the impact that indelible memory had on her drives her even now, at 16, to volunteer to teach people a heart-healthy […]

Controversial ad rails against H1-B visas

Anti-immigrant group’s message in BART system worries Indians, the largest beneficiaries of the program   Ritu Jha   A controversial poster targeting H1-B visa workers have been placed across the Bay Area Rapid Transit train system in California. The 200 signs have been placed at San Francisco’s Civic Center station and Oakland’s 19th Street station, […]

Our showman in Hollywood

Raj Kapoor has been quietly growing in stature, these days being the best known for his production work on the Oscars Ritu Jha   Raj Kapoor may share a name with the legendary figure of Hindi cinema, but the Hollywood-based creative director and producer would laugh off any comparisons. Kapoor has a long history in Hollywood, […]

More power to the battered

$650,000 raised to fund Maitri, a group helping domestic violence victims in the San Francisco Bay Area Ritu Jha Maitri, a group addressing domestic violence in the South Asian community, raised $650,000 at its 27th annual gala, held March 3 in Palo Alto, California. Last year, it raised $550,000. Attendees at the event which has the optimistic theme, “And […]

Rape Roko – a movement worth supporting

The Indian justice system is remarkably slow when it comes to issues of sexual assault – as point underlined after the rape of an eight-month-old child   Vijaylakshmi Nadar   When Swati Maliwal, the chief of the Delhi Commission of Women (DCW), decided to launch a Rape Roko movement in Delhi on January 31, following the rape of an eight-month-old baby, […]

Nirav Modi tip of the iceberg, says Romesh Wadhwani

The serial entrepreneur and philanthropist described non-performing loans as an endemic problem in Indian banks   Ritu Jha There are far bigger scams in India than the $1.8 billion bank fraud attributed to diamond merchant Nirav Modi, according to entrepreneur and philanthropist Romesh Wadhwani. Sharing his thoughts further on the case involving Modi and Punjab […]

Rape Roko campaign expands to America

AAP volunteers lead an effort to put an international spotlight on India’s big problem with sexual abuse   Ritu Jha   The highlight the issue of rape and the condition of women in India, US-based volunteers of the Aam Admi Party started a campaign in various US cities to put an international spotlight on these […]