USCIS sued over OPT rule changes

The suit argues that students on the program were peppered with requests for information and denied permission to work offsite   Ritu Jha The US Citizenship and Immigration Services has been sued for allegedly making unconstitutional changes in the “Optional Practical Training Extension for STEM Students (STEM OPT). The suit claims that the USCIS targets […]

Census citizenship query sparks anger

Court clearance for a hearing on the matter may stoke it further Ritu Jha   Civil rights organizations are happy with a New York federal court ruling permitting a hearing on the contentious idea of the Trump administration to add a question about people’s citizenship to the 2020 census. But many state attorneys general and […]

The “Stable Genius” Revealed

Frank Islam   Donald Trump has recently re-asserted that he is a “stable genius.” When we first heard Trump’s proclamation we thought he meant he was good at working in a building with stalls for horses. Seriously, we recognize that Trump intended to communicate that he was a rock steady person with a very high […]

Asylum-seekers hope for release

Attorneys say the Indians fled religious persecution under the BJP and endured harsh conditions once in the US, but could be out of prison as early as next week   Ritu Jha   “Here we have come to save our lives but I think we will die here in jail,” were the words of an […]

‘Frivolous filings’ cited for visa denial plan: USCIS

USCIS officials to get discretionary powers to reject incomplete applications, without requests for information   Ritu Jha   Frivolous filings are why the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has to take a strong decision about the recent policy memorandum (PM) that gives USCIS adjudicators discretionary power to deny an application, petition, or request without […]

Pioneers test frontiers of wearable tech

Participants at a conference focusing on engineer-driven healthcare describe the pains involved and the promise of the new industry   Ritu Jha   Physicians need to prescribe wearable devices before the market for them can thrive.   That was Mir Imran, chairman, and CEO of Rani Therapeutics, and who was one of the speakers at […]

Impact Fund endorses Suneel Gupta for Congress

indica Washington Bureau   The influential Impact Fund on Tuesday announced to endorse Indian-origin entrepreneur Suneel Gupta in the Democratic party primary for the 11th Congressional District from Michigan. Gupta, 38, is the younger brother of CNN’s star medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta and son of Damyanti Gupta, who was the first female engineer with a degree […]