Trump warns illegal immigrants, vouches for merit-based US entry

indica Washington Bureau   Taking a tough line on illegal immigration, US President Donald Trump has reiterated there will be serious consequences for entering the country illegally. Stressing that the current immigration laws have become a “laughing stock” globally, he said people with merit like technology professionals from countries such as India must only enter […]

Top US Senators warn India on data localization policy

indica Washington Bureau    Two top American Senators John Cornyn and have warned that India’s data localization policy, which took off on October 15, will adversely affect American businesses in the country. “Data localization requirements, such as those contained in the draft data protection bill and draft national e-commerce policy framework, will have negative impacts […]

HAF honors two for promoting Hinduism

Businessman Yogi Chugh was picked for championing the community, lawyer Garth Pickett for his interfaith work   Ritu Jha   The Hindu American Foundation’s Silicon Valley chapter honored businessman Yogi Chugh with the 2018 HAF Pride of the Community Award for consistently addressing the concerns of Hindu Americans and other minorities. Garth Pickett, who practices […]