Wellness seminar addresses stress

Stress is almost an epidemic but is still a casual word to bandy, according to a healthcare expert at a seminar organized in the Bay Area.


Ritu Jha


Robert Browning, master trainer at HeartMath Institute

Robert Browning, a master trainer at HeartMath Institute, said stress was little discussed a decade ago because of the stigma associated with it and the need to appear strong. He was speaking at ‘Health Meets Technology,’ a quarterly wellness seminar hosted by ICC Wellness in partnership with the India Community Center, the American Association of Physician of Indian Origin, the South Asian Heart Center and TiE-Silicon Valley.

“We see it everywhere: it’s an epidemic. It has kind of become normal to say, hey I am stressed and need help,” Browning told indica on the sidelines of the half day conference that drew a few hundred Indian Americans.

Browning said it is important to address why it is hard to identify stress.

He said that stress would not be externally visible undo one day it shows up as anger, by which time there is already damage within the body.

“We don’t get stressed about things we don’t care about. We want the politics to be better. We want systems to be better and life to be better,” said Browning. referring to the current situation where even the news stresses people out.

He said it was necessary to take back control of oneself, and organize oneself more meaningfully “so you don’t burn out and get cardiac arrest or over-reliant on prescription medications.”

During the conference ICC also announced it was starting a homeopathic clinic run by Dr Rupar Iyer.

Raj Desai, CEO of ICC, spoke of the inconvenience of being over 80 years old and not being able to walk or drive around. He said the ICC programs are showing people how to have healthier lifestyles as they get older.

Desai told  that all of ICC’s healthcare programs – modern medicine, Ayurveda or homeopathy now – were free and not limited to ICC members. While the new program was free, he said that for additional input contributions or donations would be required.

Iyer asserted that homeopathy ensured faster recovery than modern medicine and that the symptoms returned in the latter.

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