TiEcon is back

Ritu Jha –

With the theme Start, Connect and Scale, TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs)’s annual conference is back to its old name.

Last year, the organization changed it to TiE Inflect, a name that did not come easily off the tongues of members. So, the conference’s board went back to the old name, the traditional panels, while still finding ways to keep happy both loyal followers and new attendees from across the globe.

TiEcon 2019, scheduled for May 10 and 11 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, California, will focus on innovation, AI/machine learning, cybersecurity, blockchain, digital health, smart enterprises, MarTech, and many more verticals, in addition to hosting its flagship tracks on “Entrepreneurship How-To’s” and young entrepreneurs.

TiE is one the world’s largest network of tech entrepreneurs of Indian origin, was founded in 1992 by a group of successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives and senior professionals in Silicon Valley. It has formed a cohesive global network of half-a-million tech and finance professionals in 60 cities in 16 countries, and TiE Silicon Valley is the largest TiE chapter.

Each year TiE host the world’s largest conference for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, with an objective to educate, inspire and engage 5,000-plus attendees from more than 20 countries at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Startups, thought leaders, domain experts, enterprise executives, venture capitalists, angel investors, government agencies, and service firms come together to support a thriving global entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Rajiv Patel, Convener of TiEcon 2019, listening to Vish Mishra, former TiE Silicon Valley president at the pre-TiEcon 2019 meeting.

Rajiv Patel, Convener of TiEcon 2019, told indica, “For the first 25 years we used to call it TiEcon. Last year we named it TiE Inflect but we are going back [to the old name[ because we got a lot of feedback to keep the traditional name and because it’s the brand everybody recognizes.”

This year, however, there will be some new programs.

“Frontiers in Exponential Technology,” driven by venture capitalist and philanthropist  Asha Jadeja will bring some well-known star speakers, will be highlighted there.

Patel said that since nurturing growth has been a key aspect of TiE, a session called ‘Mentor Connect,’ which had been removed, is back. Another feature is TiE 50, which describes some of the top people in tech, which has been included in the main conference.

“We are going to narrow it down to top 10 and give them three to five minutes time to talk before a judge panel of five VCs,” he said, adding that VCs could consider investing in the ones they like and give feedback to those they think may not be working well.

Anand Akela, TiEcon’s Marketing and MarTech track Chair, told indica, he will be leading a half-day track on marketing and sales alignment. He said a group of chief marketing and sales officers would discuss how to connect marketing and sales to make a business flourish.

Anand Akela( in light blue shirt) at the pre-TiEcon 2019 marketing team meeting.

“That’s the biggest thing,” he said. “Alignments between marketing and between sales is the key to the growth of business. That is what we are going to cover.”

Jadeja also discussed her own project, Frontiers in Exponential Technology.

“We are planning to take over Hollywood,” she said with a laugh.

“I have formed a content company to bring in and really accelerate Bollywood content, and stream it out through Netflix Prime, using talent and reputed people from Bollywood to accelerate those projects,” Jadeja told indica.

Jadeja has lined a series of speakers. Actor and director Nandita Das is to join her for the event.

“Nandita Das is my first director. I’m excited. It’s a new platform for the next generation of filmmakers in India,” said Jadeja, who also plans to launch an art platform for South Asian artists.

Meanwhile, Akela also informed that on pre-conference day, May 9, TiEcon will once again offer its all-day, comprehensive Startup Bootcamp designed to help new companies accelerate time to market.

In addition, two AI/machine learning bootcamps include an AI/ML bootcamp for managers and an AI/ML bootcamp for engineers. These bootcamps are taught by leading experts and practitioners in the respective fields, and are a great way for entrepreneurs, engineers, and developers to acquire key skills with hands-on experience in a single day.

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