More than nine in 10 NRIs supported Modi FIIDS

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As many a 93.9 percent of Non-Resident Indian (NRI)s living in the United States supported the re-election of the Narendra Modi led government during the recently concluded general elections according to a survey carried out by the Foundation for India and Indian Diaspora Studies (FIIDS)

FIIDS said where the questions were mostly based on the performance of the Modi-led government on various programs, aspects and issues, the opinion poll found that NRI voted highest (95.5 percent) on the performance of external ministry in handling their issues.

As many as 92 percent of the NRI’s feel that India is better respected now than before 2014. The 93.6 percent NRIs expressed that the Modi government has done better in countless infrastructure projects such as road, rail, river transportation, and electrification, FIIDS said.

Over the past decade, Modi has a large following in the US. During the last five years, the NDA government has taken several steps to address the issues of the NRI community including visa and passport issues. The time taken in issuing visas and passports by Indian consulates has come down drastically over the last five years.

According to FIIDS, more than 80 percent NRIs found Modi government’s schemes have been better for India. Among the schemes, Clean India got the maximum support (86.9 percent), followed by Make In India (84.6 percent), Digital India (84.3 percent), however, only 71 percent of NRIs found Startup India doing better.

The survey also found that 90.3 percent (5.7 percent unsure) of NRIs polled illustrate how India is more secure under the Modi government. The 92 percent polled NRIs expressed support towards the Modi government on its handling of terrorism and 82.5 percent of NRIs observed lesser religious riots and issues under the Modi government.

Only 63.3 percent NRIs felt that Ram Janma Bhoomi and Sabarimala issues were important for 2019 election, FIIDS said.

On economic issues such as Demonetization and GST, 81.4 percent of NRI’s expressed GST and Demonetization are better for India in the long term and 90.3 percent expressed that India is on the path towards growth. Additionally, 97.3 percent of them expressed that the government has been free of scams during the Modi government, FIIDS said releasing the results of the survey.


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