Cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks suffers data breach


In a bizarre incident, global cyber security firm Palo Alto Networks has “admitted” that the personal details of seven current and former employees had been “inadvertently” published online by a “third-party vendor”.

First reported by Business Insider, the report said the personal details of some past and present employees — their names, dates of birth and social security numbers — have been exposed online.

A company spokesperson said they took immediate action to remove the data from public access and terminate the vendor relationship.

“We also promptly reported the incident to the appropriate authorities and to the impacted individuals. We take the protection of our employees’ information very seriously and have taken steps to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future,” the company spokesperson was quoted as saying.

Palo Alto Networks, however, did not divulge further details on who the third party vendor was and how the personal details of the employees were leaked.

Palo Alto Networks has made a slew of acquisitions in recent months across cybersecurity verticals. It recently acquired IoT security startup Zingbox for $75 million.


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