All 4 accused in Hyderabad gang-rape, murder gunned down at the same spot


Telangana Police have shot dead all four accused in the gang-rape and murder of a young veterinarian in an encounter near Shadnagar town according to IANS.

The accused were killed early Friday morning(IST) when they allegedly tried to escape from Chatanpally near Shadnagar, about 30 miles from Hyderabad.

They were gunned down at the same spot where the accused had dumped the victim’s body and set it afire on the night of November 27 after the gang-rape near Shamshabad on the outskirts of Hyderabad.

The accused were taken to the spot for reconstruction of crime scene as part of the investigations.

The gruesome rape and murder had triggered nation-wide rage with demands for immediate death penalty to the perpetrators.

The 22-year-old veterinarian, Priyanka Reddy, the victim, was offered help to fix the punctured two-wheeler.

Priyanka had called sister Bhavya Reddy around 9.45 p.m. that her vehicle got punctured and somebody offered to help her and took her vehicle for repair. Bhavya said her sister told her that she was feeling scared by some truck drivers near her.

Bhavya had advised her to leave the vehicle, come to the toll plaza and return home by a cab. However, when Bhavya later called her back, the mobile was switched off.

The family lodged a missing complaint with the police around 11 p.m. The police on Thursday Nov.28, morning found a charred body near Shadnagar. It was identified as Priyanka Reddy’s body.

Investigations revealed that Priyanka had left her house in Shamshabad for Kolluru village to attend the duty at veterinary hospital. She returned in the evening at the toll plaza, parked her scooty nearby and took a cab to go to Gachibowli to visit a dermatologist. When she returned at the same place around 9 p.m., she found the two-wheeler punctured.

Police suspect the vehicle was deliberately punctured by the culprits to trap the victim.