20 Indian-American organizations host Indian Ambassador in Boston

Harsh Vardhan Shringla

indica News Bureau-

In an unprecedented event, 20 Indian American community organizations in New England jointly hosted Indian Ambassador to the United States Harsh Vardhan Shringla on Friday in Boston, according to India New England News.

Sanjay Gowda, India Association of Greater Boston president, said Friday’s dinner reception for Shringla at Northeastern University was a successful show of unity among the 20 regional community organizations and approximately 135 community leaders from the New England area, India New England News reported.

“Although all regional organizations coming together to welcome Honorable Ambassador was a highlight of the event, it is the beginning of the initiative for all community organizations to partner and work together for issues that matter to all of us as Indian Americans in the New England Area and India at large.,” Gowda told India New England News. “To that effect, we will start with the immediate issues that our community faces on civic engagement, crisis assistance, and senior issues, etc., while building a platform for an integrated strong community with collaboration and partnerships.”

In his speech, Shringla spoke about improved ties between India and the United States, normal situation in Kashmir and the growth of the Indian economy and its potential growth, India New England News reported.

India has the youngest population in the world, with an average age of 29, Shringla told the audience.

 Hosted by the India Association of Greater Boston, the reception for the ambassador was the Inaugural event at  the Indian American Chamber of Commerce’s New England States’ Chapter in Boston, according to the chamber. The IAGB was supported by Boston Center of Excellence, Northeastern University Center for Emerging markets, Indian American International Chamber of Commerce, Milan Cultural Association and Global Indians for Bharat Vikas, India New England News reported..

Among the groups participating in the event were American Telugu Association, Bangla o Biswa, Bengalees of New England, Bihar Jharkhand Association of New England, Gurjar, India Association of New Hampshire, India Association of RI, India Society of Worcester, Kerala Association of New England, MILAN, New England Kannada Koota, New England Malayalee Association (NEMA), Kashmiri Overseas Association (KOA), New England Marathi Mandal(NEMM), New England Tamil Sangam, New England Tulu Koota (NETK), Odisha Society of New England (OSNE), Tamil Makkal Mandram, Telangana NRI Association, Telugu Association of Greater Boston, according to India New England News.

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