American Sikh’s Seva Truck hands out free food

Sonny Kakar

indica News Bureau-

An American Sikh operates his Seva Truck to hand out free meals to local communities in need, according to published reports.

Sonny Kakar, a Washington, D.C., area-based entrepreneur, bought a used  FedEx truck, and after painting it orange began running his Seva Truck,

The free-meal food truck aims to feed at-rick children in underserved communities, schools and social work organizations, according to the reports. Kakar’s effort has fed more than 20,000 people since April 2016 when the truck started rolling out to distribute food..

“Serving hot, nutritious, vegetarian meals promotes healthy eating and provides a diet optimized for students,” the organization says on its website,,

Findings show that a child with a healthy diet will be more attentive in school, perform

Kakar said he hopes that in the future there will be no need for such a service.

“We hope there won’t be a need for a Seva Truck because we hope that society reaches a stage where they do not think about serving themselves but serving the broader purpose,” Kakar said, American Bazaar reported..

Kakar was quoted as saying that attendance has increased 30 at a school where his truck has been delivering free food the past three years.

In addition to the Washington, D.C., area, Seva Trucks have been serving more than 35 locations in the Detroit, Michigan, area since November 2017, according to the website.

According to, the effort has received financial help from The Lantry Foundation and food assistance and other contributions  from D.C. Capital Food Bank, Elevation Burger, Food for Others. Panera Bread, and Tysons Shell–Chahel Auto.

In 2003, Kakar founded Sevatec, a technology company focused on software, systems, and processes, according to the company’s website. Kakar is the CEO. The company’s name is based on the concept of “seva,” a Punjabi word that means “inspired to serve.”