Report prepared by BJP clarifies doubts on CAA

indica News Bureau-

A report prepared by Dr. Mukerjee Memorial Trust in collaboration of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) answer opposition’s questions over the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) dismisses the allegations of CAA being anti-Muslim and unconstitutional.

Supporting Union Minister Amit Shah’s statement, the report rules out the allegations that CAA is anti-Muslim as a total of 566 Muslims have already been granted citizenship during Modi government’s five years.

“It’s a big rumor that this Act is against the minorities, especially Muslims. Muslim of this country have no need to worry. Any foreign citizen can apply for the Indian citizenship irrespective to origin of his country and the religion he belongs to. The CAA does not interfere in these provisions”, the report says.

“The Article 14 is the origin of the Right to Equality. It doesn’t mean that all common laws will be applicable on people from all categories. This Article allows the classification of groups and categories. The CAA is based on two types of classifications — first, classification of the countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan; and second, classification of people means Hindu, Singh, Jain, Buddhist, Jewish and Christians versus other people”, the report says, against the allegation that CAA is against the Article 14.

Replying to another allegation that CAA affect secular image of the country, the party said: “If India takes any step to protect the minorities who are being harassed in own country for their religious identity then it will not affect the country’s secular image. As Muslims are not in less in numbers and do not face harassment for their religion, hence, they have not been included in this law”.

The report also clarifies that the reason that date of application has been kept as December 31, 2014.

“It is due to conditions consist in Schedule 3 and Clause 6 of the Act because one has to spend at least five years in India to apply for citizenship,” the report said.

The report further said that there are lots of refugees in West Bengal. If they had come to India in 1955, 1960, 1970, 1980 or before December 31, 2014 then they will be granted citizenship from that date. They will not have to face any legal hurdle. Earlier, one had to live in India for 11 years to obtain its citizenship.

Clarifying its stance on religious harassment, the report stated  that one can just declare that they have been harassed for their religion in their application form and it does not need document proof.

“It can be done through a declaration in the application. No document is needed for this,” the report said.

The report contains many such answers of queries.