Organ donor travels world to promote cause, shares his story with over 73,000 people

indica News Bureau-


It’s been four since Anil Srivatsa has been on the road, trying to spread awareness on organ donation. Having covered 100,000 km across 43 countries for over 400 days in his quest to bring attention to a life-giving gesture that more of us should be making, Srivatsa says lack of information creates fear in minds of people. With himself as an example, Srivatsa has been telling his story all around the world in a bid to inspire people to volunteer for organ donation. He has so far shared his story with 73,000 people. 

After donating his kidney, Srivatsa started the ‘Gift of Life Adventure’, which is a series of overland expeditions aimed at spreading organ donation awareness, NDTV reported.

Talking about his journey, Srivatsa said, “Donating a kidney to my brother in 2014 led to the creation of the Gift of Life Adventure (GOLA), a series of overland expeditions aimed at spreading organ donation awareness. When I donated my kidney, I had no idea I would become a champion for organ donation. That was never my plan. I always loved driving, but the universe pushed me into my car and onto the road with a renewed sense of purpose.”

“By driving around the world to promote awareness about organ donation the hope is to encourage people to start a conversation at home, and to recruit ambassadors for the Million Donor Project. We also hope that my story inspires courage and helps people come forward to gift a life to family members, especially those undergoing dialysis”, he added.

Srivatsa used to be the host of a Limca book record holding syndicated radio talk show across America from 1997-2006 called “Anil-ki-Awaaz”. He will now embark on a new trip from New York to Argentina in March on behalf of Gift of Life Adventure, which is also a charitable foundation.