Bezos’ ownership of Washington Post ruffles feathers in India

indica News Bureau-


Things don’t seem to be going as planned for Amazon founder Jeff Bezos as his ownership of The Washington Post, a widely read journal across the world is making things difficult for him while running his company. After US president Donald Trump, it is the Indian prime minister Narendra Modu, who seeks to rein in national as well as international media, complicating things for Bezos. 

After Bezos’ visit to India last week, and his promises for job opportunities in the country, The Post’s coverage of the country, announcing new investments in India, one of Amazon’s fastest-growing markets did not go down well with the officials in India. 

A senior official of ruling party Bharatiya Janata Party, Vijay Chauthaiwale criticized coverage asking the business leader to return to Washington and “impart some wisdom” to Post employees about the bright prospects for India.

Chauthaiwale tweeted, “Mr @JeffBezos , please tell this to your employees in Washington DC. Otherwise your charm offensive is likely to be waste of time and money “, sharing a video of Bezos. 

On the same day, Modi’s commerce minister, Piyush Goyal, dismissed Bezos’ announcement of a fresh $1 billion investment to help small businesses in the country. 

“It is not as if they are doing a favor to India,” Goyal said to the media. He then referred to the antitrust investigation of Amazon and its chief rival that Indian regulators opened the day before Bezos arrived, reported The New York Times.