‘Holi Ghee’ by Indian American Muslim entrepreneur to add more taste to Holi delicacies

indica News Bureau-

Indian American entrepreneur and owner of New York based the Gourmet Ghee Company, Nazia DeFrank launched ‘Holi Ghee’ to add taste to the Holi delicacies like ‘matthis’ and ‘gujiyas’ this Holi. Gourmet Ghee was founded in 2017 by CEO DeFrank, who earlier television productions before deciding to become an entrepreneur, selling ghee, something she grew up eating.

On why DeFrank chose to come up with Holi Ghee, this season, she says, “Holi Ghee is a specialty flavor clarified butter, we made to pay homage to my Indian roots, also with the turmoil going on I felt it was important to show the one thing Indians have in common is a love for food. Being a Muslim business owner, I still have ties to back home and love for my country.”

DeFrank who originally belongs to Mumbai commenting about the current tense political situation in India says, “I do not have love for what (PM Narendra) Modi is doing but I do feel the camaraderie Indians share is stronger than any biased law. Generations are changing, times are changing and God willing India will come on board and realize this. Muslim or Hindu we belong to India and India belongs to us all.”

On the unique flavor and what does it taste like, DeFrank says, “This flavor was inspired by Holi, the festival of colors. I want to show that through my ghee. We used nonpareils which are rainbow crunchy sprinkles, this ghee is on the sweet side with a rich spreadable taste and texture. I wanted this ghee to appeal to kids especially, to get into the spirit of the holiday, and to use all year around not just for one particular day. The taste is very smooth with a soft crunch, it can be used as a spread in baking or butter coffee”, she said.

“This is our second year in business, and it’s overwhelming and wonderful,” DeFrank said. “It was out of nowhere. We were just found on social media.”

DeFrank, who worked in television for 20 years prior to launching her business, said social media platforms like Instagram have played a big part in growing her brand.

The return on investment from social media marketing “has been amazing,” she said, adding that “just using the proper hashtag is so important … A post is very powerful.”

The company’s ghee, which can be used in place of traditional butter or oil in cooking, comes in flavors including roasted garlic, Celtic sea salt and toasted almond. It sells for $14 to $18 for a 9-ounce jar.