Trump to be greeted with Rasleela, Swang and Nautanki of UP during Taj Visit

indica News Bureau-

As US President Donald Trump’s trip to India draws closer, the itinerary of the trip is being shared by the officials handling the visit. While the US President will visit Delhi and Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat, the state administration of Uttar Pradesh is also not far behind in planning a special welcome for Trump and first lady of US Melina Trump.

The UP administration has planned a festive welcome for the Trumps. More than 3000 artists will be performing along the route from Kheria Airport of Agra to the entrance of the Taj Mahal where the US President and First Lady will spend some time.

The tourism department of Uttar Pradesh will give a glimpse of the folk arts of the regions, namely Braj, Bundelkhand, Purvanchal, Pashchim and Avadh regions by staging and displaying the regional art fomrs, both performing and still.

The Braj culture will be showcased through Braj Ki Rasleela by 1,000 artists of the region. Rasleela, a dramatic art form based on religious history, celebrates the divine love of Radha and Lord Krishna. They will be accompanied by large drums called the bumb. Art forms of Mayur, Churukala and Rasiya will be performed along the welcome route of the US president.

Classical dance form Kathak will be staged as part of Bundelkhand culture. Around 600 dancers will also perform folk dances of Bundelkhand, namely, Paidanda, Rai, Saira And Nautanki.

From Purvanchal, a stage play of about 200 artists along with Ram Darbaar, 150 tribal folk and Dhummunia kajri art forms will be displayed. At least 1,000 artists from Purvanchal will display Furwahi art forms.

Around 1200 artists from the Pashchim region and Avadh region will perform ancient and traditional songs and instruments showcasing art forms such as Beharupiya Natwari Will Gojri, Ghumar Raagini and Swang.

Preparations to make stage and platforms have not yet begun in Agra. The artists are expected to arrive in the city by February 23. Trump will also be greeted by school children, who will also line up alongside the route holding both the Indian and the American flag as a sign of prosperous and good relations between the two nations, reported India Today.


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