Covid-19 treatment drug, Indian company is fast-tracking development of Coronavirus medicine

Indica News Bureau – Mumbai-based drug major Cipla could be the first company in India to manufacture new drugs for Covid-19

The company is known for creating several innovations for respiratory and flu therapy. Cipla promoter Yusuf Hamied says that they consider it their national duty to put all their resources to invent drugs for this new threat to India and world at large. He further added that Cipla had a lead in drugs related to respiratory, anti-flu and HIV drugs. He said that all these drugs can be considered useful in present circumstances.  

Affordable drugs for major ailments by Cipla


Cipla has been involved in making affordable drugs for major diseases like AIDS, cancer and H1N1 influenza in recent years.

The new coronavirus only affects the lungs and Cipla has several drugs for asthma such as Foracort, Seroflo, Duolin and Aerocort. Hamied says that Cipla has a wide range of drugs for treatment of lung related diseases and the company will try a variety of options which can be useful in case of Coronavirus

Hamied said that there is no dearth of these medicines. However if the coronavirus becomes a cluster of community transmissions then it might be a problem. 

Re-purposing drugs to treat coronavirus (covid-19) 

Cipla is closely working with the The company Indian Council of Medical Research and  Indian Institute of Chemical Technology scientists. The company is fast-tracking the development of Covid-19 drugs by re-purposing its wide portfolio of  respiratory, asthma, antivirals and HIV drugs,

The company is hopeful that it will be able to meet the challenges arising due to COVID-19 spread in India.

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