India doing far better than other countries in terms of Covid-19 cases per million, but can it last

India lock-down seems to be working

indica News Service

India has only one positive case of coronavirus for every million of its population which is comparatively much lower than the global average of 120 cases in a million. The country is even better if we consider deaths from the virus. India has 0.04 deaths per million compared to the global average of 6 deaths per million.This data comes from Worldometers.


India ranks 133rd if coronavirus cases are analysed on the basis of “deaths per million”. Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Switzerland and the UK are those countries which have the maximum number of deaths per million. Iran is the only Asian country among the top twenty on death per million.


The United States has so far registered the largest number of cases because of coronavirus.


Is the lock-down working in India?

However, the statistical calculation is good for now and it does not indicate the future considering how the Sars-CoV-2 pathogen is highly contagious and can spread really fast.

The 21 days lock-down in India seems to have worked well but considering the vastness and diversity of the country, it is hard to predict the future.

One thing is for sure that the lock-down effort has worked to some extent and India needs to follow this strictly in the remaining period of the lock-down.