Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded Covid-19 vaccine to enter human testing phase

potential coronavirus vaccine to enter human trials

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A second potential vaccine against Coronavirus will enter human testing. This potential vaccine has been made by a Pennsylvania biotech company. The company has received funding for the testing by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Inovio Pharmaceuticals earlier released a press release which said that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has accepted an application which will pave the way for the phase 1 clinical testing of INO-4800. Earlier the company tested the vaccine on animals which showed an encouraging outcome.

Here is what the company said about the results of the potential Covid-19 vaccine on animals:

“Preclinical data, which have been shared with global regulatory authorities and submitted as part of the IND, have shown promising immune response results across multiple animal models. Additional preclinical trials, including challenge studies, will continue in parallel with the Phase 1 clinical trial.”

The Inovio DNA vaccine for potentially treating Covid-19 infection contains specifically engineered plasmid. After the injection of this vaccine, the body cells produce an antibody which is capable of fighting the coronavirus infection.

Here is what the Dr. J. Joseph Kim (Inovio CEO and President) “Without a new safe and effective vaccine, the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to continue to threaten lives and livelihoods. It also demonstrates the power of our DNA medicines platform to rapidly develop and advance a vaccine for COVID-19 into Phase 1 clinical testing. Our dedicated team of staff, partners and funders have been mobilized since the genetic sequence of the virus became available in early January and continues to work around the clock to ensure that we are rapidly advancing INO-4800 through this Phase 1 study towards planned efficacy trials.”

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