Sun-Maid raisin’s employee infected with COVID-19

sun-maid California employee dies

indica News Service

An employee of Sun-Maid raisins got infected with COVID-19 on Thursday. The CEO of the Sun-Maid, Harry Overly said that the infected employee was a machine operator and was a general in Kingsburg’s facility of the company.

On Thursday morning, this was notified by the family and after that the employee was hospitalized and was tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Overly said about the employee: “We heard earlier today (Thursday) at about 4 p.m. that the employee was doing a little bit better, but he was still having trouble breathing.” 

Sun-Maid employs about 600 people and the company got in swift action once the positive test of the deceased employee was confirmed. Dozens of his co-workers who might have been exposed to the virus have been put under home quarantine. Sun-Maid also cleaned and sanitized the area where the employee worked.

The CEO added that the company was following all the protocols from the time they heard that the virus was spreading. 

The company will now toughen all the safety protocols and will make sure that the employees were practicing social distancing. The company will also check the temperatures of the employees. 

In  a statement Sun-Maid said: “We are committed to the safety and health of our employees who are working very hard to keep up with demand, Sun-Maid continues to follow all CDC guidelines in order to mitigate risk and limit potential exposure to COVID-19.”

Sun-Maid said the company has emphasized employees sanitizing regularly and practicing social distancing.

“As an essential business … Sun-Maid is committed to the safety of our employees, while delivering safe, better-for-you snacks that meet all food safety and regulatory requirements, we will continue our production operations on Monday after the Easter weekend.