President Trump shows video clippings to support his actions on coronavirus pandemic

indica News Service

The US President Trump has accused the American media of giving unfair coverage to his fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. The President came up with video clippings as well as news reports which spoke positively about his administration’s efforts in containing the spread of the virus. 

At the moment, the US has more than 550,000 confirmed cases of the deadly coronavirus and more than 23000 have died with the virus infection. 

Here is what he said while talking to the reporters at the White House news conference on the pandemic.

“I mean, if you had libel laws, they (the media) would have been out of business even before they’ll end up going out of business. So it’s too bad, we really have done this right. The problem is the press doesn’t cover it the way it should be.”

Trump stunned the media when he showed several video clippings which talked positively about his administration’s work to contain the pandemic. He said that several news outlets including the New York Times are biased and they were not giving fair coverage. He said that the clippings were prepared in just a few hours by his team and he has hundreds of other clippings which were even better.

‘We have hundreds of statements…including from Democrats and Democratic governors, that was done by a group in the office and it was done just by–we just put some clips together. I bet I have over 100 more clips even better than them. They were just pieced together over the last two hours. We have far better than that.’ 

Trump said that he and his administration took all the right steps, he referred to governors saying what a good job the Trump administration has done..

‘They are saying what a great job we are doing . These are the governors of California, governor of New Jersey, governor of New York, they said I acted light on closing down the country. Some people wish we never closed it down. Now if we didn’t we would have lost hundreds of thousands of people. You know interestingly I’m against it but did the right thing. Everything we did was right.’ 

Several papers including the Washington Post termed these clippings as campaign type self promotion by Trump. 

Here is what Washington Post said:

“Trump’s self-promotion, falsehoods and use of dodgy medical advice in these coronavirus briefings have led to a dialogue about whether networks should carry them live. And on Monday, he seemed to be daring all of them to stop, turning the whole thing into a spectacle of government-produced propaganda and even more personal score-settling and grievances.”