Nikky Haley launches “Stop Communist China”  petition

indica News Bureau-


Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley on Thursday launched a petition urging Congress to investigate China for its role in the coronavirus crisis. The petition also called for cracking down in the communist government’s actions across the globe and pressure them to tell everything they know about the virus as the pandemic grips the country and the globe in its clutches.

“We have long warned about the threats China’s Communist government poses. Now, in a time of crisis, we are seeing just how dangerous China is. The time for warnings is over. We must act and protect American security, health, and prosperity,” Haley said in a statement on April 23.

She launched the petition “Stop Communist China” through Stand For America, her advocacy group she formed in 2018.

Haley’s petition calls on Congress to investigate the Chinese government’s role in allegedly “covering up” the initial COVID-19 outbreak, and calls for the manufacturing of medical equipment and pharmaceutical drugs to be brought back to the U.S. to end China’s “stranglehold” on important supplies, reported Fox News.

In a nod to Haley’s role at the U.N., the petition wants Congress to “make China pay the U.N. and other international organizations like the second-largest economy in the world should — no more being treated like a poor ‘developing country.’

It also calls on Congress to “support Taiwan” and allow it to join the World Health Organization (WHO) — which has come under fire for its pro-China stance and initial response to the outbreak. The petition also calls for American colleges to “disclose all Chinese Communist government funding of professors and researchers.”

On Wednesday, she urged the U.S. to call for an emergency Security Council meeting “on China’s involvement and knowledge of the virus.” Chinese Ambassador Zhang Jun responded by saying, “epidemics may occur anywhere.”

“The most important thing is to defeat the virus and save lives. China has done its job and is now working hard in helping others,” he said. “Attempts of scapegoating or stigma go nowhere. “

Haley responded: “I’m assuming you would have no problem expressing that in a Security Council meeting. Other countries including the US have some questions we would like answered.”

Earlier in April, Haley also took aim at the World Health Organization (WHO) saying the international health body owes an explanation for why “they took China’s word” on the claim that coronavirus could not be spread from person to person — a claim now known to be entirely false.

Retweeting to a tweet of WHO on April 3, she had said, ” This was posted by the WHO on January 14th. The WHO owes an explanation to the world of why they took China’s word for it. So much suffering has been caused by the mishandling of information and lack of accountability by the Chinese.”