Prime Minister Modi: “I feel proud when world leaders thank India”

indica News Bureau-

Addressing the nation on Sunday morning, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted that India’s decision to supply medicines to countries including the developed ones to fight the COVID-19 pandemic was guided by its ethos and said he felt very proud when world leaders thank India and her people for the assistance. India supplied hydroxychloroquine to US earlier this month.

“You would have seen in the past few days, that India has taken some decisions while keeping true to its culture and ethos – and upholding our cultural heritage. During this crisis, the world – including rich and prosperous nations – is facing a shortage of medicines. In these times, even if India does not provide medicines to the world, no one would have faulted us. Every country would understand that obviously India would prioritize the lives of its own citizens. But friends, India went beyond nature and degeneration and took a decision. We took a decision in keeping with our culture. While we stepped up efforts to fulfill India’s needs, we also paid heed to the cry of help that came from other parts of the world to save humanity,” said Modi.

“We undertook the task of providing medical supplies to the needy across the world, and have successfully completed this humanitarian task. Today when I speak to heads of state of various countries on phone, they make sure to express gratitude to the people of India. When they say, ‘Thank you India, Thank you people of India’, we feel greater pride in our country,” he added.

Modi stressed that people across the world are paying special attention to the importance of Ayurveda and yoga amid the COVID-19 pandemic and urged people to follow the coronavirus-related protocol issued by the Ayush Ministry to boost immunity.

“People across the world are paying special attention to the importance of India’s Ayurveda and Yoga. Just look at the social media… how people everywhere are discussing India’s Ayurveda and Yoga to boost immunity. I am sure you all are following the Corona-related protocol to boost immunity suggested by the Ayush ministry. Warm water, decoction and other guidelines issued by Ayush ministry, would be very helpful for you if you include it in your daily routine,” said Modi.

“Covid-19 has changed how we view things. I am so happy to see the immense appreciation for the working of sanitation workers, our police forces. The appreciation for doctors, nurses, healthcare workers is exceptional,” the PM said.

Acknowledging that India’s fight against the coronavirus [COVID-19] is people-driven, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked citizens to ‘remain careful and not lower their guard against the pandemic on the assumption that it will not affect them.’

“The feeling that emanates from the core of your heart when you help others , that touching, benevolent emotion takes the form of inner strength in India’s fight against Corona, making it people driven in every sense of the term. And we have seen in recent years in our country, this altruistic bent of mind is gaining strength,” he said.

The Prime Minister stressed on strictly following social distancing protocols, not spitting in public places, wearing masks or covering faces with gamchas [towel] while stepping out.

“Society is that people now understand the damage that can be caused by spitting in public places. It had been a part of our bad habits that we would spit just about anywhere. This presents a serious challenge both to cleanliness and to health. Although if we look at it, we have always been aware of this problem, but this problem just refused to get addressed by our society. But it’s time now to get rid of this problem once and for all. As they say, ‘better late than never’. So even though we have been late in addressing it, but now we must eradicate the spitting habit. These things will not only boost our basic hygiene levels, but also help in preventing the spread of the Corona infection,

” he added.

Though he didn’t give any indication about the government’s thinking with regard to the current lockdown, Modi did express the hope that “the world may be able to somewhat free itself from the virus by the time Eid is celebrated”.

Talking about Eid, he said, “The holy month of Ramazan to has begun. The last time when Ramazan was celebrated, no one had imagined that we would be facing such a huge predicament this time around. But, now that this trouble has come to plague the entire world, it gives us an opportunity to mark this Ramazan as an icon of restraint, goodwill, sensitivity, and service. This time, we should pray more than ever before so that prior to the celebration of Eid the world is rid of Corona and we celebrate Eid with enthusiasm and gaiety like earlier times.”

“I am confident that during these days of Ramazan, by adhering to the guidelines of the local administration, we will reinforce our fight against Corona. It is still very important to follow the rules of physical distancing in the streets, in the markets, and in the mohallas or colonies,” he added.

He also talked about other community and their festivals and appreciated their support. “ Today, I also express my gratitude to all those community leaders who are making people aware of the two yards distancing and not going out of the houses.”

“In fact, Corona has changed the manner of celebrating festivals all over the world including India.It has changed the ways of their observance. Recently, we observed many festivals such as Bihu, Baisakhi, Puthandu, Vishu, and Odia New Year. We saw how people celebrated these festivals staying indoors, with great simplicity while wishing well for society. In ordinary circumstances, they used to celebrate these festivals with full zeal and enthusiasm with friends and families. people used to come out of the house and share joy. But this time, everyone observed restraint, following the rules of lockdown. We have seen that this time our Christian brethren too celebrated Easter within the confines of their homes,” he added.

“Do gaj doori, bahut hain zaroori [Two meters distance is very essential],” the Prime Minister said while explaining the need to follow COVID-19 protocols.

“I would like to appeal that don’t ever get caught in this overconfidence that our city, our village, our lane, our office has not seen corona so far and that’s why it won’t affect us. Don’t ever entertain such a wrong notion,” Modi said.

Quoting ancient Indian knowledge, the Prime Minister said, “If you take a small fire, loan or a disease lightly, it will strike back the moment it gets an opportunity… So, there should not be any carelessness at any local place because of over-enthusiasm. We need to be always careful.”

“India’s fight against the coronavirus is people-driven in the truest sense of the term. Along with people, government and administration are fighting it as well. This is the only way we can win over the virus…Every Indian is a solder in this fight,” Modi said while noting that everyone is contributing as per their means.

In his over 30-minute address, Modi lauded the contribution of State governments for playing an ‘active role’ in the fight against the pandemic. The Prime Minister also recounted efforts of the aviation industry to operate special flights and the Railways in running parcel trains for the movement of medicines and essential goods.