New cluster infections in Wuhan, China sparks fear of a second wave of coronavirus

indica News Bureau-

New cluster infections have been reported from Wuhan, China which was the first epicenter of the coronavirus which shook the world. New cluster infections have been reported from the first epicenter Wuhan and the northeastern Jilin province in the past 24 hours. It has created a fear of a second wave of infections in the city. Wuhan was slowly returning to normalcy and the risk levels were downgraded in the city. 

5 new cases were reported on Monday. The city did not report cases after the first week of April. The cases have been reported from the Sanmin neighbourhood in the Dongxihu district of Wuhan. After the new cases, the emergency response level has been raised in the area from low to medium. 

According to the NHC or the National Health Commission, 17 new confirmed Covid-19 cases have been reported from the Chinese mainland on Sunday. Seven of these from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

11 new cases are connected to a local laundry worker in Shulan, which is the  northeastern province of Jilin. The administration there went into the top gear and there was a sort of “wartime” response. The investigation traced 2005 people and 290 close contacts. All were quarantined.

Officially China has reported nearly 83,000 cases of Covid-19 and 4,633 deaths.

This is notable that nearly 68,000 of these cases were reported from Hubei province with Wuhan reporting 50,000 of these cases.

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