Fighter jets to flyover many parts of California on Wednesday to salute coronavirus frontline fighters

indica News Bureau

Fighter jets are all set to fly across California on Wednesday in order to salute all the first responders working during the COVID-19 pandemic. The four fighter jets will fly over several cities in California on Wednesday.

Around 10 a.m. the medical facilities in the San Joaquin Valley, Sacramento and the Bay Area will see four F-15C Eagle jets passing over then. These jets are set to pass over towns and cities of Reedley, Richmond, Oakland, Selma, Madera, Sacramento, Merced,  San Jose, Monterey and Clovis. The fighter jets will take off from Fresno and then will return to Fresno.

 In Sacramento, the jets are going to do a low pass over at a few locations such as the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services and the California Highway Patrol Academy. The flyover was originally planned to cover much of Southern California but that was changed after a different event by the  U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds was announced to fly over much of Southern California in the very near future.

So all of you, look up at the skies tomorrow and enjoy the fighter jets flying over many parts of California. This is one of the best ways to salute all those fighting on the front lines in the battle against the coronavirus. Please maintain the social distancing rule while watching the flyover of the fighter jets.