Indian American Senate Candidate Launches ‘Made in America’ Medicines Campaign

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Dr. Rikin ‘Rik’ Mehta, a prominent Indian American, in November last year announced his plans to run for the United States Senate seat in New Jersey. He is the frontrunner to take on Democrat New Jersey Senator Cory Booker this year, and he is also on a mission to clean up America’s medicine problem.

On May 19, Dr. Mehta launched his “Made in America” medicines campaign that will require companies to disclose the country of origin of their prescription drugs, a media report said.

He told a new report that, “Today, I am launching my ‘Made in America’ medicines campaign that will require companies to disclose the country of origin of their prescription drugs. Americans have a right to know where their medicine comes from especially when nearly all other products are labeled with the country it was made in,” Mehta said.

He added that, “I can look at products on my body, like my shirt and shoes and know exactly where it was made, but the same doesn’t hold true for things that go in our body, like our prescription drugs. That makes no sense. “Americans have a right to know whether their medicine was ‘Made in America’ or ‘Made in China’ and should be labeled as such.”

Contamination problems from China continue to plague the American medical supply chain resulting in unnecessary deaths. During the pandemic, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is also struggling with multiple drug recalls due to their contamination.

Currently, the FDA does not require a drug’s label to include the country where the ingredients originated from to make the drug.

Dr. Mehta pointed out that, if the majority of the ingredients that go into making a drug come from China, but a secondary step was taken to mix or package the drug in another country, then the country where it was mixed or packaged (or in some cases the principal place of business), could be placed on the label even though China was the source of the ingredients.

“These bizarre and conflicting laws and regulations that govern how to label products with their country of origin have allowed companies to profit from foreign drug manufacturing while hiding their supply chain from the American people for too long,” said Mehta.

Mehta noted that Chinese manufacturing of American drugs has nearly doubled while many American-based manufacturing plants shuttered, moving the manufacturing of essential medicines, like antibiotics, to foreign countries, India-West quoted the release as saying.

“Under my ‘Made in America’ medicines plan, we will bring thousands of manufacturing jobs back to America, provide transparency in the medical supply chain, reduce the price of our prescription drugs and more importantly save lives,” he added.

Mehta is a biotech entrepreneur, innovator, healthcare policy expert, and a licensed pharmacist and attorney, who is well-known and respected in his respective field. He was a vice president at Aquestive Therapeutics, and a co-founder and advisor of Licentiam, Inc. and Lactiga Therapeutics.