Indian origin inventors aim to make supercomputers affordable 

indica News Bureau-

In terms of processing power, the personal computers we use today, why, even our smartphones are built with far superior capabilities than the first-generation supercomputers.

In that case, imagine the capabilities of today’s supercomputers. And imagine if you had those capabilities in your hand today, and that too imagine if you could get them at affordable prices.

That’s exactly what two Indian-origin inventors are working on.

Saurabh Kumar Vij, a scientist who worked with the European Organization for Nuclear Research or CERN and his brother Gaurav Vij who is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) researcher, has founded a company called Q Blocks that believes next innovation will be with the help of supercomputers.

“On our way to developing exa scale-level capabilities, our first stop was to make high-performance GPUs virtually stackable and remotely accessible by others. Though the idea of using someone else’s computer to fund our own research is not new in the scientific world, with The Folding@Home project leading the race with our 1Exaflops of computing power,” said Saurabh.

Exascale computing refers to computing systems capable of at least one exaFLOPS, or a quintillion calculations per second. Such capacity represents a thousand-fold increase over the first petascale computer that came into operation in 2008.

The objective of Q Blocks is to offer the ‘supercomputer experience’ to civilians. The founders aim at bringing supercomputing access to more than 5 million data scientists and designers and they expect that this affordability would further expand this market. It is being built on technologies such as distributed and peer-to-peer computing.

The company said it is launching subscription packages that would help users instantly launch their Jupyter Notebooks with pre-configured AI frameworks. This would include information on learning and testing more data science models.