Numly Future Leader™, 2020 Program – Empowering Young Talents to be the Leaders of Tomorrow

Shalini Ramakrishnan-


The pandemic has forced companies all over the world to embrace Work-From-Home as the new normal. This has resulted in HR departments scrambling frantically to make provisions for accommodating and addressing the hardware and software requirements of their workforce, to ensure continued business growth. But once the dust settles, companies will be faced with the task of discerning how to ensure employee development and retention in the current situation.

But this isn’t exactly a new challenge. Organizations the world over have forever struggled with understanding their employees’ needs, especially when it comes to employee growth, satisfaction and retention. Speaking from my own experience, for a large part of my career, loyalty to my company and my work was expected of me, but I never felt that the organizations I worked with were equally invested in helping me grow personally. My managers were excellent at pushing me to get the job done but were not telling me how to grow and be a leader.


As a millennial, I very much believe that the younger generation of employees can no longer be motivated to give their best simply with bonuses and pay raises. Quarterly outings or fancy dinners and recreational events no longer make the cut. Employees need to see that their companies are genuinely interested in helping them become the leaders of tomorrow. So, the question arises, how can companies show their employees that they are genuinely invested in their growth and development? How do you as an HR leader or a Sales Head empower and support the next generation of passionate leaders to take on the challenges of tomorrow? It is time to step up and nurture the leadership pipeline in your organization!


When I joined Numly, I was given the task of helping with the Numly Future Leader Program™. I finally knew I was on the right track. Numly is on a mission to measurably improve employee performance and employee engagement through coaching and skills development and has launched the annual Numly Future Leader™, 2020 Program to address this challenge. The program connects Advanced Data & Management Science Research with leading business schools and university-offered certification programs available on Coursera and edX. It is designed to help identify, recognize, and reward future business leaders across medium and large enterprises.


Numly Future Leader™, 2020 Program is aimed at helping new and aspiring leaders unleash their best potential and support organizations to cultivate high-performing teams. It has identified core traits of a leader based on Advanced Data Science Research and offers packaged content from some of the world’s leading universities and the most reputed business schools, that have been mapped the skills identified. Why this program is so unique is because it takes the guesswork away from the problem. Organizations may be focusing on employee growth, but in most cases, their managers don’t know how to go about helping their team members develop individually. When I started out on this problem, I had no clue where to start. But the Numly Future Leader Program™ offers an easy career hack that allows employees to take their careers into their own hands and develop the critical skills required to grow professionally.


The program is a one-stop-shop for everyone interested in mobilizing their career growth by immersing themselves in real-world leadership challenges, self-assessments, as well as 360-degree feedback from colleagues and peers.


Numly used Advanced Data Science Research to identify 4 traits that are key to becoming a true leader – being a continuous learner, questioning status quo, imbibing a growth mindset and being an innovative problem solver. With the program, Numly™ is committed to helping talented individuals identify their strengths and work on the development of these critical skills that are crucial to become Numly Future Leaders. The specializations and courses offered under the Numly Future Leader™, 2020 Program have been carefully chosen to guarantee that users are able to nurture and develop leadership qualities.


Courses offered under the Numly Future Leader™, 2020 Program are available on both the Coursera and edX platforms. They include online Certifications that deal with important issues facing organizational leaders and the future of work. The courses are FREE to audit on these platforms, but users can register for Certifications for a small fee. All the chosen courses provided under Numly Future Leader™, 2020 Program will be revised and updated every year to keep the content reflective of the new Future of Work realities.


When Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, gave his Commencement Speech to the Class of 2020, he told the new graduates that the world has been waiting for them. As they set out to change the world, he spoke about being the wind at their backs. I believe that the best leaders in the world are not simply born, they are nurtured. And the Numly Future Leader™, 2020 Program is going to be the wind on the back of talented individuals who are ready to transform their careers and be the future leaders that organizations are waiting for.




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