Amazon signs a multi-million-dollar deal with Priyanka Chopra


Priyanka Chopra has signed a two-year multimillion-dollar first-look television deal with Amazon, Variety reported.

“Priyanka is drawn to exciting original content and characters that can resonate globally. She’s a powerhouse producer, and we are thrilled to collaborate with her for years to come,” Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke told Variety.

After Quantico, Priyanka Chopra’s global recognition grew widely and had been getting a lot of international offer. With this new role, she is excited about the collaboration as well.

“My quest really is to be able to tell female stories, work with creators from around the world, and create a cross-pollination of storytelling. Amazon is such a great partner to do that because their reach and outlook is so global. My Amazon television deal is a global deal, so I can do the Hindi language, I can do the English language, I can do whatever language I want,” Priyanka said.

She is one of those rare breeds who is successfully able to balance Bollywood and Hollywood. However, her desire to increase representation isn’t a new venture. In an interview with ELLE U.K., Chopra opened up about her passion to transform the faces of Western television, saying:

“My life’s dream is to be able to make or produce a movie that has a predominately South Asian cast. I’m so glad that I’ve been put into the position where I have the ability to open those doors.”

Representing the South Indians in the international scene is more of her priority than anything else. With only a handful of people from that part of the world, the idea of South Asians is currently very biased.

She added, “I want to do it because no one was able to do it for me. That’s my life now. To develop characters that normalize different cultures. Everyone’s talking about diversity, but it’s not a check in a box. I see so many amazing South Asians: Aziz Ansari, Mindy Kaling… But there’s still maybe 10 of us, max, that has actually ‘made it.’ That number needs to increase.”

This new platform via Amazon could certainly allow those dreams to become a reality.

Priyanka announced this news on her Instagram with a long post.