Mumbai beats China in COVID-19 count, India cites low deaths per million


The number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in Mumbai has overtaken that of China where the pandemic reared its head in late 2019, according to official data in the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra Tuesday.

India is the third worst hit country in the world, behind only the US and Brazil in COVID-19 deaths and cases.

India’s commercial capital Mumbai had 4,938 COVID-19 deaths and 85,724 cases as of Tuesday morning, while China with 4,634 fatalities and 83,565 patients stands 22nd in the world.

China has slid to single-digit new cases daily. That is fewer than the new patients recorded in Mumbai’s Dharavi, Asia’s largest slum, every day.

Mumbai city has been recording new patients in excess of 1,100 every day since July 1.

Maharashtra, with 211,987 cases, zoomed past Turkey (205,758 cases), which currently ranks 14 in the world.

June 4, Maharashtra had shot past Germany (198,064) and South Africa (205,721), both currently ranked at 16 and 15 respectively.

Last month, the western Indian state had whizzed past two major affected countries like Canada and France in terms of total patients, besides recording more daily cases than the UK.

Maharashtra’s latest COVIDd-19 tally is 9,026 deaths and 211,987 patients, including 87,681 active cases, but with a mortality rate of 4.26 percent and an encouraging recovery rate of 54.37 percent.

Of the 36 districts in the state, only two — Bhandara and Chandrapur — have recorded zero fatality, though they have 78 and 69 COVID-19 patients, respectively, while Gadchiroli, Hingoli and Wardha have recorded one death each till date.

‘Lowest deaths per million’

India Tuesday cited a World Health Organization situation report to claim that the country had one of the lowest coronavirus deaths and cases per million population.

The recovery rate had increased to 61.13 percent, the country’s ministry of health and family welfare said.

India recorded 22,252 new cases and 467 deaths in the last 24 hours, pushing the tally to 7,19,665 and death toll to 20,160.

“The WHO situation report, dated July 6, shows India has one of the lowest cases of Covid-19 per million population. India’s cases per million is 505.37, while the global average is 1,453.25,” the ministry said.

Chile has witnessed 15,459.8 cases of COVID-19 per million population, while Peru, the US, Brazil and Spain have 9,070.8, 8,560.5, 7,419.1 and 5,358.7 cases per million, respectively.

Alluding to the report, the government said India had one of the lowest deaths per million population. “India’s cases of death per million is 14.27, while the global average is 68.29,” it said.

The UK has witnessed 651.4 cases of COVID-19 related deaths per million, while the same for Spain, Italy, France, and the US is 607.1, 576.6, 456.7 and 391, respectively.