A sweet tribute for an Indian doctor in Maine


Doctors have been fighting what seems to be an endless battle with the COVID-19, for the past six months. With inhumane timelines and constantly on the line of danger, the healthcare workers have been nothing short of warriors.

In order to honor one of these warriors, a chocolate company in the US has decided to name a chocolate bar in honor of an Indian origin doctor in Maine.

Dr Nirav Shah, the director of the Center for Disease Control in Maine, a northeastern state in the United States of America, was honored by Wilbur’s Chocolate Confections, with a limited edition ‘Shah Bars’ for his work in curbing COVID-19 in the state.

Shah has a Facebook group created in his honor, and social media users are applauding him for his effort. The wrappers of the milk and dark chocolate bars has a photo of Shah with a map of Maine and a heart on them.

The doctor “has been a big part of not only keeping Maine safe but also to convey a sense of warmth and caring for the people of Maine. He seems to really have a lot of compassion,” Kristin Frazier from Wilbur’s told WCSH-TV.

He’s become the face of the state response to the pandemic through daily briefings that were held for weeks. He has been praised for his calm, reassuring demeanor. He has also reminded Mainers to take time to do things that bring them joy, such as eating soup and calling their mothers.

A twitter user @texasinafrica posted: “Wilbur’s is selling chocolate bars honoring Maine CDC Director Dr Nirav Shah, who has done a fantastic job managing the pandemic here.”

Wilbur’s is selling chocolate bars honoring Maine CDC Director Dr. Nirav Shah, who has done an amazing job managing the pandemic here. A portion of the proceeds goes to a local food bank.

Get your Shah Bars here: https://t.co/IXNikc28gx pic.twitter.com/ez4YcsXfII — Laura Seay (@texasinafrica) July 19, 2020

Shah was the head of the Illinois Department of Public Health before coming to Maine. He’d been on the job for less than a year when the coronavirus pandemic struck.

According to a news source, the firm has said that 10 percent from the sales of “Shah Bars” will be donated to “Freeport Community Services Food Pantry”, an organization that provides free food to people in need. The bars come at $2.25 for a chocolate bar and pack of six for $13.50. The company has sold more than 3000 bars so far to raise $675.