Sikh man loses his life while saving two kids from drowning in California


Heroes come to our rescue when we least expect it. At least, that has happened for the three children who almost drowned in the Kings River, California. But it didn’t end well for the hero who rescued them.

On Wednesday evening, 29-year-old Sikh man Manjeet Singh lost his own life trying to save three children from being swept away in the swift current of the Kings River in California.

Singh came to the United States just two years ago where He had plans to start a trucking business and had been taking truck-driving lessons, reports said. He had taken a trip down to Kings River in Fresno with his brother to ride jet-skis.

There, he noticed that three children — two eight-year-old girls and a 10-year-old boy — who were playing near the river, had gotten sucked under the bridge by the strong currents. Without giving it a second thought, Singh jumped in to try and save the children.

According to bystanders, Singh was immediately sucked in by the currents as well. While the three children were later pulled out by bystanders, Singh could not be found. Around 40 minutes later, his body was recovered from the riverbed, and taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

“He went in to try to help them and unfortunately went under pretty quickly and never came back up,” a police officer was quoted as saying.

One of the girls, who spent 15 minutes underwater before she was rescued, was also rushed to a hospital in critical condition, where she was placed on life support. The other two children managed, incredibly, to escape unharmed.

Singh’s selfless act has been on the receiving end of a lot of praise on social media, with several pointing out how he didn’t think twice before jumping into the river, displaying in the process, signs of a true hero.

Now the focus shifts to the condition of the eight-year-old girl, who is still battling for her life.