Sridhar Verose, in city council race, puts San Ramon first


Sridhar Verose, an Indian American running for the city council seat of District 3, San Ramon, California, is known more for his community service than as a software engineer.

He serves as chair, San Ramon Parks and Community Services since, 2017. San Ramon falls under Contra Costa County and is around 34 miles east of San Francisco.

Verose loves cricket, hosts cultural festivals, and if you ask why he is running for the city council, he says the city needs people like him who understand the diverse community and city’s mismatch budgeting.

District 3 covers large areas of the Dougherty Valley and Bollinger Canyon Road, home to many Asian Americans.

Verose is not the only desi candidate. Also in the fray are Varun Kaushal, Reza Majlesi and Sameera Rajwade.

The district’s incumbent councilman, Phil O’Loane, is not seeking re-election but has endorsed Verose.

Verose said this was the first time that San Ramon has been divided into four districts and only voters residing in the particular district can vote.

Verose sounded not too pleased with the way San Ramon spends its money.

When you ask for grants for parks the city would say there is no money, which means they do a bad job” of managing the money, he alleged.

He also lamented that the city had made mistakes in the pension plan, and hiking salaries leading the city in debt.

It’s a huge mistake,” said Verose.

He was born in India, came to the US in 1997, and did his masters in software engineering from San Jose State University.

He works as senior manager, Cloud Operations, Open Text, Inc.

He has been living in District 3 for 15 years along with his family.

He is the founder of the San Ramon Cricket Association (SRCA), a founding member and steering committee member of San Ramon Diversity Coalition, and a core committee member of San Ramon Culture in Community.

Look, San Ramon is a very good city,” Verose said. “The city works closely with the school district to address issues and opportunities that affect our children. And no other city in the area has done more to acquire and preserve public open spaces for its residents.”

Verose believes his 12 years volunteer service experience in the community make him the right candidate for the city council.

It has given me the knowledge, experience, and foresight to help guide the city forward, to meet our current challenges and opportunities, and demonstrates my commitment to the city,” said Verose.

Asked what issues he would like to address, he said: “Right now, people who live in our new district are telling me that they are concerned about the following issues: public safety that includes crime, disaster, road safety and kids’ safety at schools; protect green and open spaces, golf courses/parks; and managing finances.”

I believe in community-based decision making where elected officials constantly meet and talk with residents, discuss their concerns, and then work with them to find solutions that work for them as well as the city,” Verose said.

Verose has received endorsements from San Ramon mayor Bill Clarkson and Congressman Eric Swalwell, who represents California Congressional District 15.

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