Biden answers Hindu American PAC questions, Trump does not


Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden has responded to a questionnaire by the Hindu American PAC and promised to address a host of concerns of the Hindu American community, including terrorism in India from Pakistan.

President Trump’s campaign did not to respond to the questionnaire, according to the Hindu American PAC.

It is no surprise that President Trump has paid little attention to the Hindu community, which has suffered greatly under his presidency,” Ajay Bhutoria, a Democratic Party supporter who is associated with the Biden campaign, told indica News.

As the Biden campaign’s response to the questionnaire notes, hate crimes against Hindus have nearly tripled since Trump took office,” said Bhutoria, a national finance committee member of the Biden campaign.

Trump’s relationship with the Hindu community is focused on photo ops — not policies, results, or action,” he added.

A Biden-Harris administration will celebrate Hindu holidays, as was done in the Obama-Biden administration which celebrated Diwali at the White House, the Vice President’s residence at the Naval Observatory, and at the Pentagon, Bhutoria stressed.

This election year Vice President Biden recognized Holi and Ganesh Chaturthi. In doing this, our hope is to showcase how Hindu Americans are, in every way, Americans and that we are all bound by common values and aspirations, and that this may help to minimize the kinds of misunderstandings about Hinduism that cause bullying,” he said.

Bullying was one of the topics on which Biden answered.

Bullying is entirely unacceptable, especially in the classroom where young minds are the victims,” Biden wrote.

There are assuredly unique challenges facing Hindu American students, who belong to a minority faith that is depicted in the classroom in a manner that may not be consistent with their experience as practitioners. The depth of this challenge was laid bare by the Hindu American Foundation’s survey and its troubling finding that one-in-eight respondents said their teachers made sarcastic remarks about Hinduism in front of class.”

Biden added: “The words of a President matter, and they must be used to uplift — not denigrate — the Hindu community.”

Biden answered questions on tackling hate crimes against Hindu Americans, bullying in school, on protecting small businesses, the environment, the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act (S.386/H.R. 1044) that removes an arbitrary per country cap on green cards for immigrants that is causing members of the Indian community to wait 50 years or more for legal permanent residency.

He also answered questions on police reform in the US, persecution of minorities in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, and cross-border terrorism from Pakistan in India, especially Kashmir.

The full answers can be found here (external link).


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