Biden and Harris best friends of India, Indian Americans: Dems


Pennsylvania will be among the states that will help Joe Biden become the next President of the United States, California-based Democratic supporter Ajay Bhutoria told indica News as the clock ticked away to the presidential elections.

Almost 18 months ago, I was in Philadelphia at the launch of Vice President Biden for President event, strongly. VP Biden kicked off his Biden for President 2020 campaign in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the battle to restore the soul of our nation. Now, less than 80 hours are left to win back the White House and a Senate majority,” said Bhutoria, who has held several events and come up with several campaigns to push for the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket.

Pennsylvania is where the story of American Independence began – it is the state where the American Constitution was signed,” Bhutoria continued. “And three days from now Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Florida and Pennsylvania are the states that will help us win the battle to restore the soul of our nation and elect Vice President Biden as our next President and Senator Harris as next Vice President.”

He said America needed “leadership worthy of our nation.”

Honest leadership to bring us back together — to recover from this pandemic, rebuild our middle class and restore our leadership in the world stage and prepare for whatever comes next. Leadership to reimagine what our nation will be. Joe Biden is the leader who will lead us into the path of love, growth, and light,” he added.

Joe and Kamala understand the South Asian community best and Joe Biden will be the best friend for India and Indian Americans,” he said. “The single most important thing we can do in the next four days is to make sure as many folks as possible vote in this election. There are so many people we have yet to reach. There are folks who might still be on the fence, are unsure if they can vote, or haven’t made a plan yet. Just one phone call, text, or ad can change all that.”

Neha Dewan, national director of South Asians for Biden, said: “Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris have made unprecedented efforts to reach out to the South Asian community this election and earn our votes.

Throughout this election cycle, Vice President Biden and Senator Harris have made a compelling case that they are the right leaders to guide America out of this pandemic, fix

the economy, and make America stronger. They have shown their respect and admiration for the contributions of immigrant communities, and will implement policies that will make our South Asian community thrive.”

She said the community “understands the importance of this election, and stands firmly behind Vice President Biden and Senator Harris.”