For India Biden much better than Trump: Impact Fund executive director


A Biden administration would definitely support India on geopolitical issues such as the friction with China and no one should have doubts about the trajectory of the US-India relationship under Biden and Kamala Harris, Neil Makhija, executive director of the Impact Fund, told indica News.

I think they are very much looking forward to a productive and strong relationship with India. I am confident things will be much, much better,” Makhija said.

His comments came in response to a query on concerns in some quarters that a Biden-Harris administration would not support India on issues like the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act brought in by the Narendra Modi government, and the abrogation of special status for Jammu & Kashmir.

Impact is the leading Indian-American advocacy and political action committee that made headlines by raising $10 million to boost Indian-American candidates in key state and federal races across the country, including Kamala Harris who seems set on creating history.

Makhija, a long-time Impact fund supporter who helped raise those $10 million in three months, said Biden would be “much better than Trump” for India.

The Biden-Harris administration will seek to work with all major nations, especially India, to tackle climate change and other issues facing the entire world,” Makhija said.

We have Madam Vice President Kamala Harris and I think she is going stay very close to our community and be supportive,” said Makhija, who worked hard on the Biden-Harris ticket’s grassroots campaign.

According to Impact, its funds raised were invested in the presidential, state-wide, and congressional races in battleground states, including nearly $2 million apiece in Pennsylvania, Arizona, North Carolina, and Texas.

Asian Americans are the fastest-growing racial or ethnic voting bloc in the country. There are projected to be 2 million Indian-American voters in this year’s election.

This election year there were nearly 500,000 Indian-American voters in the battleground states of Florida, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

Makhija said he knew on Tuesday that it was over for Trump.

You saw the numbers and I know Pennsylvania… the place he [Biden] was doing well.”

He added, sounding surprised, that Biden was doing better than Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania.

If Biden holds Nevada, a state with six electoral votes, that Hillary Clinton won in 2016, and flips Arizona, which has 11 electoral votes, from red to blue, that would provide him with another path to the White House,” Makhija said.

So, is it celebration time?

I know it’s a time to celebrate, but the main concern is the Covid pandemic and with this new wave happening,” he said.

He said the Biden campaign’s goal is to unite the country and by winning — or being ahead — in places such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arizona, Georgia and Nevada, Biden was bringing in diverse communities together.

We are seeing double the turnout in states including Texas and waiting for data from Pennsylvania looking for double turnout,” Makhija said. “I think that is because there was no other organization in history that put $10 million in resources reaching to our community in multiple languages. So, this is certainly historic and it is the beginning now.”

Impact endorsed 23 candidates and though the counting is still ongoing in many places and almost all of them won their elections.