Securing sensitive information in times of pandemic and beyond


Cybersecurity is one of the biggest threats the world is facing currently. As the world is getting more accustomed to the digital way of life, we are getting more vulnerable to cyberattacks and thefts of vital and classified information.

In fact, in a recently held Gartner’s Security & Risk Management Summit, in September 2020, Bran Reed, a senior Gartner analyst, said, “Securing your mobile workforce has now become the single greatest existential imperative.”

Ajay Jotwani, Co-founder & CEO of i2Chain talking with the security team.

Seeing where the world is heading, an Indian American entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley launched a startup that focuses on securing the digital workspace everywhere.

Ajay Jotwani, Co-founder & CEO of i2Chain, said how the pandemic has highlighted the enterprises’ underlying vulnerability and urges, especially the highly regulated financial and healthcare industries, to leverage the modern technology to counter the modern-day attacks.

“The pandemic has underscored the vulnerabilities across the spectrum. While most enterprises need a secure way to execute their processes digitally, the smarter entities place their bets on privacy as an added key ingredient for business continuity. ‘Security’ delivers performance, and ‘Privacy’ delivers trust across the ecosystem of networks and domains,” said Ajay.

His company, i2Chain, a Tie50 2020 winner, delivers a secure technology stack designed to simplify and secure the enterprise’s two most valuable assets – identity and information. Most recently, Red Herring ranked i2Chain as the 2020 Top 100 North America Finalist. Previous Red Herring Top 100 finalists include Alibaba, Facebook, Google, Skype, SuperCell, Spotify, Twitter, and YouTube. For over two decades, Red Herring’s team has seen through the tech sector’s hype to select brands that have become industry benchmarks.

The security space runs on trust because an organization needs to have enough confidence to share data with partners securely, which is attained by protecting the data proactively.

This space has been very competitive; it has bolstered up in the past few months due to the pandemic. The US is estimated to be the largest market by 2028 in terms of market share. The rising cloud-enabled activities and growing cloud marketplace trends are expected to contribute to the region’s market growth.

Ajay says, “The i2Chain team is helping highly-regulated enterprises attain their goals of security and privacy in a way that ensures the ‘Chained’ information is not compromised even if the endpoints or networks or data centers are compromised.”

One of the many cybersecurity challenges is the segregation of securing technology silos – network security, database security, data center security, endpoint security, and others. i2Chain’s mission is to cut through the complexity and secure the information payload, the files, and folders containing sensitive and classified information.

To simplify and maintain trusted and private communication between systems and individuals, i2Chain is designed as a plug n’ play software that can be implemented enterprise-wide, and ‘Chained’ information is consumed by users non-intrusively.

Ranga Jayaraman, former Chief Digital Officer of Stanford’s Graduate Business School, says, “i2Chain’s ability to ensure the intended security for the document encapsulated with the document itself enables reducing the cycle time of executing a highly secure digital process. Also, end-to-end encryption ensures full compliance with privacy laws & regulations.”

i2Chain’s technology enables both security and privacy. This capability at the edge of security and privacy is catching the attention of leaders sharing and accessing or establishing access controls on classified information. These tailwinds are further aided by a non-intrusive, storage agnostic, lightweight, intuitive application that is easy to use and deploy.

We were delighted to see the demo and experience i2Chain’s solution delivering secure and privacy compliant clouds, folders, and files, thereby ensuring continuity of digital processes that share sensitive and classified information. In addition, the i2Chain team showed us how they are helping their clients lower cycle times to process and share information with co-processors and ecosystems.