American Sikh Council seeks support on India’s farmers’ protest


The Farmers’ Protest that’s taking place in India will not only affect the farmers but inadvertently affect everyone who consumes their harvest.

After nearly two months of peaceful protest across different states, now they gave taken it up upon themselves to make the voices heard loud and clear. And the ruling government BJP is doing everything to quiet them down and stop their march towards Delhi.

However, their voices have gone beyond the borders and many world leaders and organizations are in support of the farmers.

Now, the American Sikh Council (ASC) has followed up on the latest fiasco perpetuated on the farmers in Punjab and across India.

This diabolical law, ‘Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Act’, has been passed on September 17, 2020.

The ‘Farmers Law’ is the most ill-advised piece of legislation enacted in September 2020 by the Modi government which was approved without due process. All proper legal procedures-protocols of the Indian parliament were broken to rush this Farmers’ Bill through, taking full advantage of firstly the RSS/BJP party being in a majority, secondly to hoodwink the public to get it through under the shroud of Covid-19, thirdly to appease the billionaires who spent hundreds of millions and propped Modi into power.

This experiment was enacted in the state of Bihar in 2006 pushing it into poverty. This is a complete disaster yet the drivers of Hindutva want to control and subsume the hardest working section of India and put the entire supply chain of food in the hands of a handful of super rich traders who also happen to be of the same caste and state as the Indian Prime Minister.

Any bill or legislation in India is never straightforward, rather very convoluted, obtuse and opaque so that it can never be understood by any normal person clearly, yet can be interpreted by the law maker and/or their proxy entities to their advantage whenever the situation arises. The Farmer’s Act is one such legislation which is exactly that, i.e., intended to help the handful of super-rich capitalists, so that they can get control of the entire supply chain, while sucking the blood of the farmers on one hand and milking the consumer all their worth in perpetuity.

The devil has always been in the detail and in this case the BJP/RSS rulers have used Brahminical Chankayaniti to the fullest extent in preparing the slow death of farmers across India but particularly targeting Haryana and Punjab.

The minimum support price – (MSP) has existed in Haryana and Punjab in particular so that the farmers are able to sustain their livelihoods, without which most farmers would be permanently out of business. The two largest producers of wheat and rice, overwhelmingly used as staple foods across India, are Haryana and Punjab.

Over 85 % of the farmers in Punjab own less than 9 acres of land. There is no social net whatsoever for them. The socialist tyle model implemented since the formation of modern India curtails anyone from owning more than 17.5 acres of irrigated land and 32 acres of unirrigated land in the state of Punjab.

The Republic of India (ROI) has in place laws, which have severely curtailed major manufacturing industries to exist in Punjab in order for the agrarian economy model to change. The ROI has made sure that Punjab is solely dependent on agriculture while they continue to control Punjab’s economic destiny and everything else that is connected to it.

The only sensible, democratic path forward while keeping the republican character of ROI intact is to give Punjab and all other states full autonomy to pave their own economic destiny with no [il]legal interference of the central government of any kind including religion.