Biden appoints Indian American as National Economic Council member


US President-elect Joe Biden has appointed an Indian-American as the deputy National Economic Council director for financial reform and consumer protection.

Bharat Ramamurti, a graduate of Harvard College and Yale Law School, will be assisting Biden in design and implement his economic vision for America.

Ramamurti was previously a long-time aide to Senator Elizabeth Warren, a former competitor to Biden for the presidency.

“Today’s appointees have broad viewpoints on how to build a stronger and more inclusive middle class,” Biden said in a statement on Monday. “With their robust experience and qualifications, they will provide the needed voices to guide my administration in overcoming our nation’s unprecedented economic challenges.”

Ramamurti’s appointment under Biden is seen as a win for progressives, who have been pushing the President-Elect to bring in left-leaning individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences and ideas.

The Managing Director of the Corporate Power program at the Roosevelt Institute, Ramamurti worked as a Senate staffer to Ms. Warren for six years, focusing on economics and banking, investigating banks like Wells Fargo.

In April, Ramamurti was also appointed to a congressionally mandated panel that oversees how the Treasury Department manages coronavirus relief funding, including emergency lending programs established jointly with the Federal Reserve.

Ramamurti has been a vocal critic of Republican efforts to end lending programs, arguing that the incoming Biden Administration must have the same tools and ability to provide for the US economy as the Trump administration.