Muslims in US: CAIR wish list for Biden-Harris team


The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, has detailed policy changes that it said the Biden-Harris administration should pursue within its first 100 days in office to “restore the rights of American Muslims and advance justice for all.”

The report identifies 33 new initiatives and policy reforms that CAIR said were designed to protect and respect the rights of all United States citizens and residents, including Muslims, that the new administration can start to implement the first day in office.

CAIR said its agenda was endorsed by the US Council of Muslim Organizations, a large coalition of several leading national, regional, and local Muslim organizations.

We are hopeful the Biden-Harris administration will advance positive change and undo the damage caused by numerous previous administrations in the areas of national security, racial profiling, surveillance, and foreign policy,” Zahra Billoo, executive director, CAIR San Francisco Bay Area, was quoted as saying in a statement.

CAIR said it welcomed the incoming Biden-Harris administration’s pledge to end the Muslim Ban on day one, include Muslims at every level of his administration, and address issues of racial and religious discrimination.

In addition to these pledges, CAIR said, it was calling on the new administration to implement — in its first 100 days — a progressive civil rights agenda.

That, CAIR said, included ending national security overreach, ending bigoted and discriminatory immigration policies, countering racism in policing, defending constitutional rights in schools, workplaces and elsewhere, defending constitutional rights of incacrerees , supporting faith-based initiatives, building a more inclusive representation of American Muslims in the federal government, and supporting a progressive and transformative foreign policy.

For each of those headings, CAIR spelt out initiatives it wants the Biden-Harris administration to take.

You can read the entire agenda here (pdf file): 


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