South Asians for Biden celebrate with DJ Rekha, Penn Masala, Kal Penn


A performance from the South Asian Acapella Group called SETU-7, virtual dance jams to DJ Rekha’s tunes and talks by Democratic South Asian stars were part of a virtual presidential inaugural gala celebration hosted by South Asians for Biden on January 22.

The gala, which kicked off with the national anthem performed by SETU-7 followed by several religious prayers including Sikh, Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Jain and Buddhist, also featured celebrities such as Kal Penn, who recalled his first encounter with Vice President Kamala Harris.

The host, former Miss America Nina Davuluri, began by announcing the guest speakers that included celebrities and political leaders of South Asian descent.

A video played that showed Biden Harris supporters throughout the campaign period from all over the world.

After Reshma Saujani opened the floor for US representatives to speak on the key issues that should be addressed, Pramila Jayapal spoke about immigration reform and the coronavirus relief packages.

Ro Khanna agreed with Jayapal that helping people is the first step in the to do list of things that need to be done, alongside with reducing child poverty.

For Raja Krishnamoorthi, the number one issue was vaccine distribution.

The webinar started with the song Pehchaan by Penn Masala.

A few videos were showcased of dances and music tunes by DJ Rekha.

A full celebration while everyone danced virtually to DJ Rekha jams followed.

A game of trivia was played, regarding questions about political history. Everyone answered correctly.

The night ended with everyone enjoying DJ Rekha’s music in a virtual party.