International Day of Happiness

Prakash Narayan-

March 20 is the International Day of Happiness. It was established by the United Nations General Assembly on 28 June 2012. In the resolution, the United Nations recognized the need for a more inclusive, equitable and balanced approach to economic growth that promotes sustainable development, poverty eradication, happiness and well-being of people around the world.

We are all facing a global crisis together. During the past year, we have been finding positive ways to look after ourselves and each other. Towards this, a round-the-clock event is being organized with speakers from around the world. You can view the agenda at: Register for your favorite session to receive the Zoom links here:

The event features fitness experts doing live Yoga, Martial Arts, and Meditation sessions. The speakers include actress and author Anni Finsterer (from Australia) who will discuss better ways to achieve Resilience. There will be coaches discussing how to be better leaders and attain fulfillment. You can learn from Quantum Physicist, Sky Nelson-Isaacs on how to achieve wholeness from a Universe perspective.

There will also be discussions on alternative economies and community exchanges led by Chad Thiessen and Tim Jenkin. The much sought-after international keynote speaker, Cormac Russell will speak on Rekindling Democracy.

For those interested in impact investing, there’s a session on Gratitude and Generosity led by Martin Simon from the UK. There are a few medical doctors and holistic practitioners, such as Dr Patch Adams (yes, the man that Robin Williams portrayed in an eponymous movie), Dr Tanya Gold, and Traditional Chinese Medicine expert Lulu Yan. The event will be kicked off by the Ambassador of Joy, Barry Shore.

This event is organized by Seva Exchange – a platform that is Reinventing volunteerism by providing an easy-to-use web and mobile platform.

Anitha Beberg, founder of Seva Exchange on hosting the event told indica News, “This will bring people from different backgrounds together through Seva, which would show them that we are all more alike than different. We are all humans at the end of the day that have needs and bring value to our community, and that’s what our platform does.”