A “fruitful conversation” between Biden and Modi regarding assistance for India


After the US President Joe Biden announced that they would send raw material for the Covishield vaccine to India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi immediately got on a telephone call with him on Monday evening, April 26, and had ‘fruitful conversation’.

Both, Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris had assured India to assist the country with all they could, including urgently sending necessary medical life-saving supplies and equipment, to help the country combat the deadly coronavirus crisis.

Modi said that he had a “fruitful conversation” with the US President about the prevailing Covid-19 situation in India and the United States. The two leaders spoke to each other over a call on Monday evening.

PM Modi, in a tweet, also thanked Biden for the support that the US has decided to provide India in its fight against Covid-19.

“Had a fruitful conversation with @POTUS @JoeBiden today. We discussed the evolving COVID situation in both countries in detail. I thanked President Biden for the support being provided by the United States to India,” Modi tweeted.

“My discussion with @POTUS @JoeBiden also underscored the importance of smooth and efficient supply chains of vaccine raw materials and medicines. India-US healthcare partnership can address the global challenge of COVID-19,” the Indian PM added.

“Just as India sent assistance to the United States as our hospitals were strained early in the pandemic, we are determined to help India in its time of need,” Biden said in a tweet.

President Biden conveyed solidarity with India and affirmed that the US was determined to support India’s efforts by quickly deploying resources such as therapeutics, ventilators and identifying sources of raw materials to be made available for the manufacture of Covishield vaccines.

PM Modi conveyed his heartfelt appreciation for the offer of assistance and support from the American government. He mentioned India’s commitment to contain the Covid-19 pandemic globally through Vaccine Maitri, and its participation in COVAX and the Quad Vaccine Initiatives.

Both leaders underlined the potential of the India-US partnership in vaccine development and supply to address the COVID-19 pandemic, and directed their respective officials to maintain close coordination and cooperation in their efforts in this domain, a statement released by the Indian side read.