HAF urges to ‘vote yes’ for the US-India COVID Relief & Solidarity Act

I Am Hindu American


The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in India had caused some serious damage and had highlighted various broken systems in the country. While the high intensity of the wave has come down, the battle is far from over.

One of the allies for India in this battle was the US, who stepped up to support in all the ways possible, after an initial lull.

It was not just the American government that came out to help but various organizations and individuals alike played their part to support India, and still actively are.

The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) is one of those organizations that is not only trying to raise support but create an act that will set up a legitimized route for those trying to help India.

As a part of that effort, HAF is working with Congress and the House India Caucus particularly, to play an active role in facilitating US. assistance, coordinating vital supplies with the US and Indian governments and getting the right aid to where it needed most.

HAF is a proud supporter of H. Res. 402, the US-India COVID Relief & Solidarity Act and we are calling on all Americans to contact their Representative to support this resolution.

  1. Res. 402 passed the House Foreign Affairs Committee on May 19th and a floor vote by the full House of Representatives could come as early as Monday, June 14th when Congress is set to return.

This resolution builds on those successful efforts to date, recognizes the challenges both countries face in their mutual fight against Coronavirus, provides for additional relief measures by the U.S., and expresses solidarity and empathy with the Indian people.

In regards to this, the HAF is urging all those who wish for this bill to be passed. In its website, it said, “Contact your Representative now and urge them to vote YES on H. Res. 402, the US-India COVID Relief & Solidarity Act, when it comes up for a vote on the House floor”