Washington-based security firm has a job opening in India with a strange responsibility


In a world of bizarre interactions, a US-based CCTV company has decided to hire people who will monitor stores from remote locations in India and scream at armed robbers in case of suspicious activities in the stores.

Washington-based Live Eye Surveillance will use surveillance cameras to watch over the store, VICE’s Motherboard reports. It is basically a camera system that keeps a continuous watch over the activities in the shop. A remote human operator intervenes in the event of suspicious activity.

Apart from pointing out robberies, the remote human operator will also monitor the activities of the store’s employees. For example, if the cashier makes a mistake in the bill, the store clerks will be yelled at for the error.

Those who aren’t employees of the store will be asked to step aside from the cash counter if the human operator spots a man at a place where he shouldn’t be in the shop.

In their job posting, Live Eye Surveillance said that there is a vacancy for the aforementioned position of a Process Analyst in Karnal, Haryana. As per the job description mentioned on the company’s website, Live Eye Surveillance said, “You will act as a virtual supervisor for the sites, in terms of assuring the safety of the employees located overseas and requesting them to complete assigned tasks.”

It also states, “Monitoring sites (Convenience stores, gas stations, etc.) for our end clients/customers. Assisting employees located overseas remotely via phone or camera. Creating reports for any suspicious activities for employees working at the remote site (overseas) or for customers present at the site.”