NOVID Act get more support from the Indian American community


In a plan to bring the spread of coronavirus down through hyper vaccination efforts, earlier this month Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi and Senator Jeff Merkley had introduced Nullifying Opportunities for Variants to Infect and Decimate (NOVID) Act.

The bill is now receiving a lot of support from the Indian-American community.

Sunil Tolani, philanthropist and CEO of Prince Organization, said, “The bill will establish a comprehensive strategy to end the Covid-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, much of the world does not have ready access to effective vaccines. Many in our Indian community have strong family and business ties in India and other countries currently experiencing uncontrolled Covid-19 outbreaks.”

The NOVID Act would immediately help save lives in nations still hit hard by the virus by reducing the potential emergence of dangerous new strains by helping in inoculating at least 60 percent of the population in 92 low and middle-income countries eligible to receive Covid-19 vaccines through COVAX.

The Act will establish the Pandemic Preparedness and Response Program (PanPReP) to immediately coordinate US efforts and investments in increasing the production, procurement, and end-to-end distribution of vaccines in COVAX nations to end the pandemic and reduce the threat of new variants.

“With the current official death toll from Covid-19 in India at more than 3.5 million and rising, time is of the essence to continue to support the country as it continues to grapple with the virus’s devastating effects,” Tolani said.

On Capitol Hill, members of Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) have endorsed the NOVID Act to expand America’s international Covid-19 prevention and vaccination efforts exponentially.

“Despite the progress we’ve made here at home, the coronavirus continues to devastate other parts of the world, and these outbreaks represent a threat to Americans with an increased risk of double and triple mutation variants which the vaccines we have today may not be able to stop,” said Krishnamoorthi while introducing the bill.

“That’s why I’m proud to join with my colleagues in introducing this legislation to protect our country from new variants by helping our partners abroad vaccinate their populations, end their outbreaks, and prevent new variants from emerging within their borders or reaching ours,” he further added.

“A global pandemic is not over until it is over everywhere,” said Jayapal.

“At the heart of the NOVID Act is a powerful recognition that whether you live in America or around the world, your future is intertwined with mine — that we’re all better off when we’re all better off.”