AAPI’s new president Dr. Anupama Gotimukula takes the helm officially


The new President of American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI), America’s largest ethnic physician organization, Dr. Anupama Gotimukula took her new position during the 39th annual Convention in Atlanta on July 4.

Former AAPI President Dr. Sudhakar Jonnalgadda (right) passing on the gavel to newly elected AAPI President Dr. Anupama Gotimukula.

The outgoing President Dr. Sudhakar Jonnalgadda passed on the gavel to Dr. Gotimukula, during the event, which was attended by hundreds of AAPI delegates in person from around the nation.

“I am happy to declare that AAPI is stronger and is going to be in safe hands, as I pass on the traditional gavel to Dr. Anupama Gotimukula, the new President of AAPI,” he said.

“We came to the US pursuing the American Dream,” said the fourth woman President of AAPI in its 39 years long history in her inaugural address, noting AAPI helps “to elevate the voice of Indian Americans everywhere.”

“Through hard work and a bit of luck, most of us achieved that dream and have become successful and caring doctors who play a crucial role in the American healthcare system,” she said.

“We serve patients. Raise money for local causes. Contribute to our education system and improve the lives of millions of Americans,” Gotimukula said.

“We joined AAPI to socialize and meet others like us and in that journey learned that through this wonderful organization, we were able to make a bigger impact with the many academic, philanthropic and social initiatives.”

They “fought the good fight in bringing AAPI to where we stand today; vibrant, strong, healthcare heroes being recognized and valued by our peers, communities and most importantly the patients.”

“AAPI and our members have been on the frontlines serving patients, working with local public health authorities donating and distributing resources such as PPEs, critical hospital supplies as well as most recently providing much needed oxygen concentrators and ventilators in India.

“You are truly healthcare heroes who stood up and risked your lives to serve when it was most needed. A value that is not just American but also something we brought along from our motherland of India,” she said.

Dr. Gotimukula has a new Executive Committee, consisting of Dr. Ravi Kolli, President-Elect; Dr. Anjana Samadder, Vice President; Dr. Satheesh Kathula, Secretary; Dr. Krishan Kumar, Treasurer; Dr. Kusum Punjabi, Chair, Board of Trustees; Dr. Soumya Neravetla- President, Young Physicians Section; and, Dr. Ayesha Singh, President, Medical Student/Residents & Fellows Section.

“As we look forward to the future beyond Covid-19, we at AAPI have so much more room to grow and serve,” Dr. Gotimukula said outlining her vision to make AAPI a premium healthcare leader.

“As one of the biggest stakeholders in the current healthcare system, there is an urgent need for Healthcare & Societal Reform, she said. “We need to be a part of the change we want in our healthcare system.”

Dr. Gotimukula urged the API fraternity to “participate. Get involved. Get engaged. Lend a hand. And stand up and be heard. To all the team members, I want to thank you for your efforts thus far and for the next year ahead. Together we will all make AAPI the community standard-bearer for a better future.”

“My hope is that this year will bring us all back together to see the warm smiling faces from region to region across the country. Let’s move forward and achieve great success together.”