Houston Police Department gets an introduction to Hinduism



More than being a religion, Hinduism is better defined as a way of life. From ancient times, Hinduism has been imbibed with great wisdom by countless sages and seers for people to follow in their everyday lives.

One of the important aspects of Hinduism is that it is extremely inclusive, as anyone can practice few aspects of the religion without having to convert. This is one reason why it has been around for so many millenniums.

In order to spread the essence of this ancient religion, Vallabh Priti Seva Samaj (VPSS) conducted a special presentation 60 young cadets of the Houston Police Department (HPD) on Friday, July 23.

These cadets were introduced to the core principles of Hinduism through a series of presentations and lectures by VPSS.

This program is aimed at familiarizing the young officers to Hinduism, as the Greater Houston area is one of the most culturally diverse communities in the US, with a lot of Hindu population. This move is a huge step in helping the officers understand and support the members of the community they serve.

This unique engagement with the HPD was initiated by the Hindus of Greater Houston (HGH). HGH Director Manisha Gandhi led the initiative with the keen involvement of Senior HPD Officer Danish Hussain.

Rasesh Dalal, a VPSS Trustee, and HGH Advisor opened the program with a basic introduction of Hinduism along with few of the customs and rationale behind each of them.

Dalal also explained the Hindu philosophy of karma – where one’s life being an eternal circle with good deeds in the current life that lead to a better rebirth in the next life.  The essence of Hinduism, he added, is the same of all true religions – Bhakti and genuine compassion for all beings.

Thara Narasimhan, the HGH President congratulated the cadets on joining such a noble profession and noted that over the last 40 years, the community has become very diverse.

Narasimhan highlighted the diverse nature of India and how this quality makes Indians inclusive and respectful of other cultures and customs.

Manisha Gandhi wrapped up the event with a vote of thanks to the HPD for taking the time to learn more about Hinduism and Hindus in Houston and VPSS for providing the venue for such an initiative. She also thanked Officer Danish Hussain for playing an active role in arranging the event.