Indian external minister seeks US support for extracting Indians from Afghanistan


Now that Afghanistan has come under the Taliban after the exit of the US Army and the fleeing of its President, the citizens of the country are in helter-skelter trying to get out of the country by any means possible.

Various heart-wrenching photos and videos of people trying to escape the country have been circulating the social media.

Every country is trying to extract its officials from Afghanistan, as remaining in the country may spell trouble and needless dialogues with the Taliban.

Indian external affairs minister S Jaishankar for his part, has sought help from US secretary of state Antony Blinken from New York today to seek American assistance in getting Indians evacuated from Kabul.

Because, Turkey which used to man the Hamid Karzai International Airport, has backed off after hearing the news of Taliban takeover. And currently, the airport is being technically manned by the US forces with air traffic control and perimeter under American security cover.

While India is all set to evacuate the second batch of its nationals from Kabul, the US secretary of state assured Jaishankar of full support in future evacuations through civilian flights.

Jaishankar will today speak to UNSC members to evolve a broader consensus on the Afghanistan issue as well as meet UN secretary general Antonio Guterres later in the day on the same burning issue. The Indian EAM will be chairing UNSC sessions on terrorism and peacekeeping for two days.

Given the chaos in Kabul, Jaishankar is working with the Americans to get the HKI airport ready to receive civilian flights so that Indians and Afghan friends with traditional links are evacuated from the strife-torn nation.

“Our priorities are Indians working in Afghanistan, Indians who went to Afghanistan despite our advisory, Indians who were employed by US and European contractors to work in Afghanistan, the civilian population of Indian origin and Afghan friends with traditional links with our country …. E-visas will be issued to those who don’t have documents to travel on application,” said an official.

The situation in Kabul continues to be precarious with Taliban fighters under no visible chain of command and various sundry terror outfits setting up security check posts to demand protection money. “It is free for all in Kabul with power flowing from the barrel of the gun,” said another official.

It is understood that Indian officials have managed to get the second batch of evacuees to the HKI airport post-midnight and are waiting to leave for India from Afghanistan.